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"Victoria is not ALWAYS the domme."

—Eaddy Mays


emilythebravee say whaaaaat?

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"Dylan and I change together all the time, there’s no way he’s XL."

—Orny Adams (via dylanhoechlins)

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Literally in Eaddy’s panel: “How many of you have met someone here who you only knew of online? (Pixie.)” Because we just met and had talked online and SHE SAID MY NAME ON STAGE?

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Oh man, Punk!Captain America was so much fun. I wanted to keep him very much Steve Rogers and old school, so he’s got a little bit of Dieselpunk going on. Outfit obviously very much influenced by the movie. A note about the tattoo on his neck, because I know it will be asked: It’s a banner that circles completely around his neck and reads “STARK CARTER BARNES”. Once I finish a few more punks, I’ll print a book that includes all of the art, as well as more views/explanations of all of the tattoo designs from all of the characters :D


I never get tired of this gif.

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"I feel like Coach is the voice of reason on the show."

—Orny Adams
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"They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy"

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"Dylan and I change together all the time, there’s no way he’s XL."

—Orny Adams
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Dylan hugging Susan and Linden goodbye at the MTV Movie Awards 

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Livetweeting from Bitecon

Follow along here! At the con all weekend.

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"How come I don’t have a T-shirt?"

—Eaddy Mays to Orny Adams
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"We should petition to get Coach his own theme song."

—Orny Adams, BiteCon
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get some buckyyyyyyy

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